41. Cortex: In coming message


To Cortex address:        
Tom and Brenna Murray,
Unit 1503,
Township of Wexford, Greenleaf, ZQ

From Core address:
Diana Ward,
All units and console locations,
Township of Wexford, Greenleaf, ZQ

Sent: 2506/11/18  14:17  Received: 2506/11/18 14:17

I just heard that Tom in the others got themselves bound by the law. Have you heard from his attorney yet. If you haven’t let me know and I will see if Omar and look  into is in charge of the case and then find out from them who will be representing Tom. Remember to keep you head up and we are praying at church for the men that were arrested as well for our town.  Who’s big idea was it to head done to Borah and talk to the Magistrate about the land trouble? War is coming like a storm in the hills, can you here the noise.
In my prays,