25. Cortex: Incoming message

To Cortex address:        
Tom and Brenna Murray,
Unit 1503,
Township of Wexford, Greenleaf, ZQ
From Cortex address:
Conall Murray      
The Rivers Edge Tubes,
Rivers edge station, Greenleaf, ZQ

Sent: 2506/11/14 9:02 Received: 2506/11/14 9:09

  This is the big day. I got up and had breakfast with Miss. Hicks, she was sure good to me. She even refunded the remainder of the rent for the tube. I reckon that she knows yall are of little means.
  So how much was the Crop report this year? You haven’t said much about it either way.
  Miss Hicks told me to tell you that I won’t be back here once I leave. So don’t write back until I have an address on the Basure
  She seems to know a lot about spacing and the black. That is what they call it up here., the Black, the void of space.
  Well, I will send you a wave when I can. One day mama, I will buy you that console you always wanted to you can see vids. It will be shiny.
  Dad don’t worry about me, I am staying out of the Underdeck. I went by there and it seemed like a rough place. One day you will have to let me know how you know so much about the Rivers Edge station.
  Little Darrel, I know you aren’t little but you are going to have to pull your wait around the farm. Keep your head up and stick to your learning.
  Stay shiny