13. Cortex: In coming message

To Cortex address:        
Tom and Brenna Murray,
Unit 1503,
Township of Wexford, Greenleaf, ZQ
From Cortex address:
Conall Murray    
The Rivers Edge Tubes,
Rivers edge station, Greenleaf, ZQ

Sent: 2506/11/10 20:11 Received: 2506/11/10 20:18

Dear Mom and Dad,
  Where did you get the credits to send me? They came at a good time. I was tired and hungry when I just checked the my messages. I am a little confused about your message.
  You want me to stay for a week and see how it goes?
  Thank you, for getting me the room, it was quite unexpected. Mrs. Hicks is taking good care of me. I took my first shower in a few days and she is loaning  me some of her husbands clothing. He is off fighting for the Alliance on Shadow.
  She is getting me in touch with the Captain of the Basura. It is a garbage scowl out of  Jubilee. It sounds like hard work , but  at least it is a job.
  Your son,