18 Cortex: In coming message


To Cortex address:        
Tom and Brenna Murray,
Unit 1503,
Township of Wexford, Greenleaf, ZQ

From Core address:
Deputy Omar Ward,
Land Marshals’ office
Township of Wexford, Greenleaf, ZQ

Sent: 2506/11/12 10 8:00 Received: 2506/11/12 08:01

This is a reminder.

 Mr. Tom Murray and Miss Brenna Murray listed landlords’ of land parcel numbered 095551550-3. Quarterly crop reports are due at 5pm. If you are unable to make this dead line, you are entitled to file an extension by no later than 12 pm, today.

Extensions are on an approved basis as listed in the unification provisional doctrine.

If they don’t approve your extension they can take your damn land if you are late.

Omar Ward, Deputy Land Marshal