67. Cortex: In coming message

To Cortex address:        
Brenna Murray,
Unit 1503,
Township of Wexford, Greenleaf, ZQ
From Core address:
Conall Murray,
C/O Anson's Orbital

Sent: 2507/01/04  20:06 Received: 2507/01/04 20:40
  What the hell happened to dad? I just got your message. That he passed. Why was in that community service camp anyways? I paid the crops record fees and taxes.
   I am sorry, this is the second time that I have started this letter. I am very upset and I wanted to go home. When I told the captain this she only laughed and said that the ship can turn around its business for a spacer like me.
  When I explained why she throw her breakfast tray against the bulk head and headed off deck. I am beginning to think that my captain as cute and commanding that she, is crazy. I hear that she has locked her self in her cabin.
  Please send me the details as soon as possible.
I love you guys and tell Darrel he is the man of the house for now.